LearnSci LabSims: Getting Started Guide

LearnSci LabSims: Getting Started Guide

Follow these steps to use your LearnSci LabSims effectively and get your students ready for the lab.

1. Explore the resources available on your LearnSci LabSims homepage(s). 

  1. Learn how to add your Learning Science LabSim Homepage(s) to you VLE/LMS.
  2. Learn more about using your LabSims homepage.
  3. Find out more about the resources available in our libraries.

2. From your homepage, lookup the LTI URL for the LabSim or request a LabSim Assessment.

  1. Read more about the difference between LabSims and LabSim Assessments.

3. Embed the LearnSci LabSim or LabSim Assessment onto your course in your VLE/LMS.

  1. If the resource does not open as expected, have a look through our troubleshooting guidetechnical help articles  or contact our support team.
  2. If you are setting up a LabSim Assessment with grade synchronisation, after adding the activity make sure you can see a new column for the activity in your VLE/LMS gradebook.

5. Introduce the LabSim activities to your students.

  1. For example, use an intro video from the resources section of the Help Centre.

6. Find out how your students got on.

  1. Read more about tracking student engagement and viewing their results.
  2. Ask students for feedback and let us know how we can make our resources even better.
If you need further help, please let our support team know by using the "Submit a ticket" form at the bottom of this page or contact support@learnsci.com

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