Canvas: How to add a LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet

Canvas: How to add a LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet

LearnSci resources fully integrate with your Canvas. All of your resources are hosted, maintained and updated by Learning Science and are added to Canvas as external tool links in just a few steps. 

This guide will show you how to add a LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet to your course page on Canvas.

For help and support, email or call +44 (0)117 325 8954.

Before you start...

You will need the LTI URL for your LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet.
  1. LTI URLs for your LearnSci LabSims and Smart Worksheets can be found on your LearnSci Homepage. If you do not have access to your homepage or need help finding the LTI URL for your LearnSci resource, please get in touch.
  1. The LTI URL should have the following format: (where xxxxx is a set of numbers unique to the LabSim or Smart Worksheet you are adding).
  1. If you would like student grades for the LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet to appear in a new column in your grade centre, you need to request this by contacting We will provide you with a unique LTI URL for this and a different instruction guide.

How to add a LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet

1. Start by going to the course page where you wish to add your LabSim (or Smart Worksheet).

2. You can add the LabSim (or Smart Worksheet) to an existing module or create a new module to add it to. To add a new module, select + Module
By default, the newly created module will be hidden from students.

3. In the newly created module or an existing one, select  +.

4. Then, select External tool from the dropdown menu.

5. Select “Learning Science” from the list of available tools. If you have more than one Learning Science external tool listed, select the most appropriate one. For example, if you are adding a Bioscience LabSim, select the Learning Science Bioscience tool.
Note that the Learning Science tool(s) may have been named differently by your institution.

6. Ensuring that the appropriate Learning Science tool is selected, enter the LTI URL for your LabSim (or Smart Worksheet). If there is already a URL in the field, delete this and enter your LTI URL.

7. Enter a name for the LabSim (or Smart Worksheet) and tick the box "Load in a new tab".

8. Add item and return to the course module to verify that the LabSim (or Smart Worksheet) link you just added is working correctly.