What is grade synchronisation (grade sync)?

What is grade synchronisation (grade sync)?

Students will achieve an overall grade after completing a Learning Science Smart Worksheet or LabSim Assessment. Instructors can see their students overall grade, as well as individual grades for each question in the assessment, by clicking on the Grades > Results section after opening the LTI link to the activity from their VLE/LMS.

The overall student grade can also be sent to your VLE/LMS grade centre or gradebook using grade synchronisation. If you require this functionality, make sure you request grade sync on your LabSim Assessment or Smart Worksheet request form and follow the grade synced guide for your VLE/LMS from our VLE/LMS integration help area. It must be set up correctly from the start for grade synchronisation to work.

The guides below show you how to add a Grade Synced LearnSci LabSim assessment or Smart Worksheet to
  1. Blackboard
  2. Blackboard Ultra
  3. Brightspace (D2L)
  4. Canvas
  5. Moodle

Note: Individual LabSim activities are not set up to pass grades to your VLE/LMS. Please use the LabSim Assessment request form on your homepage or ask our support team to set this up for you.

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