LearnSci Partner Asset Pack

LearnSci Partner Asset Pack

Using this pack

Who is this pack for?

The partner asset pack is for LearnSci academic partners who are currently using LearnSci products in their teaching. It can be used to help any of our educational partners create presentations or materials for external conferences or internal presentations.

Access can be provided upon request to the LearnSci team if you wish to share this with other colleagues.

What is in this pack?

Text Descriptions

All text descriptions provided can be used by educators as a guideline on how to effectively describe us and our products. Academics are welcome to edit the tone of voice in these documents to suit their presentations. 

Images and Gifs

Images provided may be used in the following contexts:

  • To supplement information in an academic paper, oral or poster presentation.

  • To supplement information in an internal training session or pitch meeting with department heads.

  • To showcase our products to students and colleagues in your institution.

Please see the image index to download individual images.


Video links provided can be used as part of presentations, either as a link or embedded. These should not be shared onto another platform or via another account unless express permission has been granted by a member of the LearnSci team.

All links provided to webpages and case studies are publicly available, and can be used to help supplement any information being presented. Information must not be taken from these webpages without proper citation.


The LearnSci logo may be used when describing a partnership or collaboration between ourselves and your institution, department or company. 

The green and magenta logo is our primary logo, and should only be used on white or black backgrounds. For other backgrounds, please use the monochrome logos. 

The logo should not be misrepresented, modified or added to. Its orientation, colour and composition should remain as indicated in this document.

Do not rotate any part of the logo.

Do not use a stacked version of the logo.

Do not add shadows or effects to the logo.

Do not recolour any part of the logo.

Do not add an opacity to the logo.

Do not warp or distort the logo in any way.

Do not outline or create a keyline around the logo.

Do not use the wordmark without the icon.

Do not change the typeface nor recreate or manipulate the wordmark and the icon.

Logos can be downloaded using the following links:

Primary LearnSci Logo Full Colour (Dark)

Download Here

Primary LearnSci Logo Full Colour (Light)

Download Here

LearnSci Logo Monochrome Black

Download Here

LearnSci Logo Monochrome White

Download Here

LearnSci Company 

Company Profile (Short Version)

LearnSci are internationally recognised innovators of technology-enhanced learning for science. Combining expertise in science education and interactive web technologies, we create transformative digital solutions to enhance practical skill development. We also support our global community of over 200+ academic departments, connecting educators and providing opportunities to share best practices and celebrate innovative teaching.

Company Profile (Long Version)

LearnSci are internationally recognised innovators of technology-enhanced learning for the chemical and biosciences. Our tools are designed to support practical skill development and provide solutions to help educators enhance their courses.

With a world-class team of scientists, web developers, designers and learning specialists, we create interactive, problem-solving lab simulations and advanced digital worksheets that enable self-led learning and improvement. We support a global network of over 200 academic departments and since 2020 students have accessed over one million essential digital activities to accelerate their learning.

We are fully committed to providing the highest levels of support and working with you every step of the way to make your course a success. Our resources embed seamlessly into all major VLE platforms, and our dedicated support team will provide all the help you need to ensure that your course resources work for staff and students. We’ll also provide a fast, personal ongoing support service throughout the year, whenever you need it.

Our Approach

Our mission is to enable the next generation of scientists to develop the skills needed to make the world a better place.

Our pedagogical ethos and approach to meeting this vision is represented by six principles for enhancing student learning, which are delivered through our products, platform and community. 

  1. Active and engaged learning

  2. Scientific and Transferable Skills

  3. Progression and mastery

  4. A focus on feedback

  5. Flexible streamlined delivery

  6. A diverse, innovative community


Product Description

LabSims are interactive, virtual lab simulations that are designed to enhance the lab experience. These provide an opportunity for students to practise and explore practical lab skills and challenges - anywhere, anytime, on any device.

LabSim Features and Benefits

Interactive visualisations - Engage and motivate with enjoyable, challenging learning experiences that promote active learning.

Instant Feedback - Boost confidence and competency with enhanced support and personalised feedback.

Improved preparedness for the lab - Enhance student skills and accelerate learning with multiple opportunities to practise.

Smart Worksheets

Product Description

Smart Worksheets offer an advanced online worksheet solution - supporting your students to master essential data analysis skills with immediate, personalised feedback, while drastically reducing your marking burden.

Smart Worksheet Features and Benefits

Instant, targeted feedback - Immediate, targeted feedback helps students to learn and master key data analysis skills. Help is provided just when they need it, as they do the task, not weeks later.

Automated Marking - Autograding vastly reduces marking and feedback time and eliminates errors. Reclaim academic time to offer advanced, tailored support to students. Feedback is consistent and timely.

Randomised Datasets - Man of our Smart Worksheets offer randomised and unlimited datasets. These provide a wealth of opportunities for practise, so you don’t need to spend hours preparing resources.

Timeline Mode - Timeline Mode provides deeper insight into students. Instructors can replay student learning and get detailed individual performance information to understand ability levels.

Community of Practice


The LearnSci worldwide community supports educators to connect, share best pedagogical practices and celebrate innovation. LearnSci works with professionals from over 200 academic departments around the world and provides a variety of opportunities to this community. 

Community Groups

LearnSci connects educators regionally and globally with their community group sessions. Relevant topics such as assessment, practical skills and mathematics in science are discussed and experiences and solutions shared. These are open to all science educators, including all LearnSci partners.

Educational Research

LearnSci offers funding and collaboration opportunities to their academic partners interested in undertaking educational research.

Teaching Innovation Awards

LearnSci’s annual Teaching Innovation Awards celebrate and showcase innovations in digital learning that positively impact teaching quality and student experiences.

Teaching Innovation Awards
Community Groups
Educational Research

Image Index

LabSims -  Stills

Chemistry LabSims

NMR Fundamentals - Instructions

Download Here

Chromatography - Correct Feedback
Download Here

Vacuum Filtration - Incorrect Feedback

Download Here

Rotary Evaporator - Instructions
Download Here

Bioscience LabSims

Bradford Assay - Instructions

Download Here

Understanding qPCR - Instruction

Download Here

Prepare a Micropipette - Incorrect Feedback

Download Here

Flow Cytometry - Correct Feedback

Download Here

LabSims - Gifs

Agarose Gel - Incorrect Feedback

Download Here

Sandwich ELISA -  Interactive Animation

Download Here

Kohler Illumination - Interactive set-up

Download Here

HPLC - Interactive Graph and Question
Download Here

Smart Worksheet - Stills

Titration - Targeted Feedback
Download Here

Serial Dilutions - Targeted Feedback
Download Here

Worksheet - Progress and Grades

Download Here

Titration - Interactive Graphing Exercises
Download Here

Smart Worksheet Gifs

Unknown Compound - Interactive Graphing Analysis

Download Here

Auto-generated Data

Download Here

Mole Calculation - Feedback and Auto Solve
Download Here

Timeline Mode
Download Here

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