Blackboard: How to add Learning Science as an LTI Tool Provider (Admin)

Blackboard: How to add Learning Science as an LTI Tool Provider (Admin)

These instructions are intended for the Blackboard Administrator at your institution.

LearnSci resources fully integrate with your Blackboard. All of your resources are hosted, maintained and updated by Learning Science and are added to Blackboard as web links in just a few steps. 

This guide will show you how to add Learning Science as a Tool Provider on Blackboard.

For help and support, email or call +44 (0)117 325 8954

Before you start...

You will need:
  1. Your institutional key and secret
  1. An LTI URL for a LearnSci resource - for testing purpose

How to add Learning Science as an LTI Provider on Blackboard

1. Navigate to System Admin

2. From the Administrator Panel, under Integrations, select LTI Tool Providers

In some older versions of Blackboard, LTI Tool Providers is found under Building Blocks and you'll first need to go to the 'Building Blocks' section, select Building Blocks and then LTI Tool Providers

3. On the LTI Tool Providers page, select Manage Global Properties and under Feature Availability, set as follows:

Enabled in Courses


Enabled in Organizations


Creation of Tool Provider Links

Set this according to your institution's preference but you will need to approve Learning Science as a Tool Provider in the next step

Allow configured tool providers to post grades

Yes - this is important if you want any of your Learning Science graded activities to integrate with your Blackboard grade centre

4. On this same page (LTI Tool Providers), this time select Register Provider Domain

5. In the Provider Domain Status section, complete as follows:

Provider domain

Use the Tool URL provided

Provider domain status


6. In the Default Configuration section, complete as follows:

Default Configuration

Set globally

Tool Provider Key

Enter the key we provided you

Tool Provider Secret

Enter the secret we provided you

7. In the Institution Policies section, set as follows:

Send User Data

Select according to your preference either "Send user data only   over SSL" or "Send user data over any connection"

User Fields to Send

Role in course; name; email address

Show User Acknowledgement Message


Note: Choosing not to send any user fields doesn't affect the launch of LTIs. All it does is give students anonymous names and email addresses on our system and in your grade centre. However, it is easier for staff to identify issues with students' activities if you select all the options, especially for graded activities.

8. Submit

9. To ensure that instructors can add Learning Science LTI links to their courses, enable LTI tool availability on courses. Do this by:
  1. Going to the course page
  2. From the control panel, select Customisation then Tool Availability
  3. Find LTI and tick the Available box
  4. Submit
Check that the Learning Science LTI tool has been configured correctly and is working as expected. To test, please add the LTI URL for the LearnSci resource we have provided, following the instructions in the How to add a LearnSci LabSim or Smart Worksheet guide.