Can a student get a new attempt at a Smart Worksheet assignment?

Can a student get a new attempt at a Smart Worksheet assignment?

If your Smart Worksheet assignment has been set up with multiple attempts allowed (2 or unlimited), the student will be able to start a new attempt once they have submitted their current attempt, as long as they have additional attempts remaining.

If the student has no attempts remaining and needs a new attempt, email with the details. Include the course, Smart Worksheet and student name along with the reason why a new attempt is required. Our support team can take one of two actions:

1. The existing student attempt will be deleted and they will automatically get access to a new attempt at the Smart Worksheet assignment.

2. An additional attempt will be made available to the student. If their current attempt is still “in progress” it will have to be submitted before the new attempt can be started. Please note, in this case they would still have access to review the previous attempt submitted.

If you need further help, please let our support team know by using the "Submit a ticket" form at the bottom of this page or contact

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